Panalotto App is available for download through Google Play and Apple Store.

Launch the app and proceed to click "Register". Fill out necessary details to create your account. Secure your account by linking a valid email address.

Launch the app and click forget password, a reset code will be sent to your linked valid email address.

Contact or create a new account.

Yes. You may edit your profile details by going to the profile section located at the top corner of the app. eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt.

Launch the Panalotto App and make sure to enter correct username and password. Both are case sensitive.


Gold Bars are convertible to Tickets and Oil. Tickets can be used in the lobby. Oil, on the other hand, are used to keep your club active.

Gold Bars are Free as a daily reward. You may also get free additional Gold Bars by watching advertisements in the lobby. You may also buy Gold Bars through the Panalotto website store.

OIL are what fuels your club. To keep your club active, you must convert Gold to OIL.

Tickets are used as a play money to enter events in the lobby

You can get more Tickets by converting Gold Bars in the Lobby. 1 Gold Bar is equivalent to 100 Tickets!

Panalotto app caters to various lotto games such as ez2, Swertres and Lucky Pick games such as 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/55 and 6/58

Is a Feature where a bet gets refunded by hitting one or two numbers. 100% of the bet gets refunded for hitting the number/s in correct order and a portion of the bet gets refunded when a number is hit in any order.

It is a random generator number.

Easy! Contact your agent and your agent can add you as a Represented User. Your Agent can place your numbers for you at the event of your choice.

All transactions are recorded and can be easily checked in "My Transactions".

Panalotto Events can be set in two ways. Random and Manual. Random event winning numbers will be generated randomly by the system. Manual Event winning numbers can be manually entered based on pcso winning numbers once the betting period has ended.

Result button can easily be found in the club lobby located conveniently below your username.

Panalotto app has an automated notification feature for events that are closing in a few minutes to remind you of events you might be interested in or events you have already joined. Just make sure to keep the Panalotto app notification setting in your device enabled.

By going to the "Clubs" Icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen, and click "JOIN A CLUB".

You will have to get in touch with a club owner or a Club Agent to join an existing club. You may contact to get help.

Your event entries can be seen in the results button.

Straight or Standard play is when the numbers selected are an identical match, in order, to the numbers drawn. Also termed Exact Order.

Player wins if numbers selected match two different digits in any order. However, paid half the price you will get in a straight play.

You may contact us through

Strict referral is automatically approving and assigning a user’s membership request to the club and respective agent’s downline. However, when a player submits a request without a referral code, the request will automatically be denied. Optional Referral would just mean that the membership request will automatically be on the "Pending Members List".

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Yes! Convenience has always been one of the key factors of the Panalotto App.

A Referral code can be found in the club’s Profile (Profile is located at Top right menu option). This referral code can be personalized.

Only the Club owner and Managers with "Rights"can do this. (Go to Members – Select the account – Edit Role.)

Click side menu option then "Assigned Members"

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